On a Rusty Old Train to Nowhere – Aboard the Sloppy Articulation Express!

I appreciate that I might need to get out more – but in my defence I was out at the time – but I couldn’t help noticing on my train journey home recently, that a Train Announcer had what can only be described as very lazy or sloppy articulation.

His announcements were just as vague after each and every stop – his tongue sounding like it was slipping around on ice – so eventually it got to me (and this is where you definitely might think I need to get out more) I decided to record him.

So listen to this clip:
[jwplayer config=”Sound clip” mediaid=”3749″]

Proof that when someone isn’t communicating well, we have to concentrate extra hard to fully comprehend what they are saying.

Even if you are called upon to rattle off a script – a Presentation – or any piece of Communication for that matter, that you’ve obviously had to say a thousand times before – YOU MUST STILL REMEMBER to ENGAGE with what you are saying, to have any chance of making a connection with your listeners or audience.

And in this specific case of “Nobby the Train Announcer” I’d very much appreciate it he could be clearer – if he could try to connect – as I’d very much like to know where to get off…

Unfortunately, if you do tend to communicate like this most of the time – in a vague and unfocussed way – people will eventually – more likely than not – just give up on you altogether and just stop listening: Abandoning you – at worst – to a life of simply “not being heard”.

Life spent in a metaphorical ‘siding’ – to keep going with my rather splendid train journey analogy – on the “Rusty Old Train to Nowhere – Sloppy Articulation Express!”

(Thanks very much – all my own work & here all week!)

According to that most fantastic book – one that I couldn’t recommend highly enough – “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie – first published in the States in 1936 and republished again-and-again ever since, because it really is that good:

“One of the biggest drivers in life – what people want more than anything – even more than they want money and material things – is to be noticed and appreciated.”

A reminder to us all to be clear in life, to have the best chance of being noticed, appreciated and understood.

And don’t sell yourself short by not Communicating well.

I’ll get off now, but I’ve missed my stop…

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