A Right Royal Dog’s Dinner

All those outfits at the wedding, it was like the designer fashion equivalent of a classy butcher’s shop window. And unlike the quality of meat, it just shows that it’s not necessarily the case that the more you spend on a top designer outfit, the better you look – as in the case of Bea and Eugenie. The sisters looked as if they’d walked straight off the set of ‘Cinderella’ rather than VIP’s at a Royal wedding. You have to choose well!

On reflection, the outfits that ‘stood out’ were understated and unfussy, perfectly cut and oozing class and elegance. Coco Chanel once said ‘when a woman is badly dressed you notice the clothes, when a woman is well dressed you notice the woman’ – so true, especially this weekend.

This is also something to remember when buying your next business outfit. It just shows that the huge price tag on a new sharp, business outfit can be seen. It’s all about the quality of fabric, the cut and the styling which shines out in an understated way; making you not only ‘look’ professional and successful, but also making you ‘feel’ confident that your image says what you want it to say….. so worth it!

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