Are you rocking people like a hurricane with negativity?

No doubt about it Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and it was a knock out. My heart goes out to all that were affected and we should all send good thoughts. Please donate in any way you can.

As I watched  reports of the devastation into the wee hours, I came across this video. It was a small amount of comedy in a dark time.

It also got me thinking about fear based delivery in business. How often have you opened up a business conversation with “We have a problem…”. Think about how that makes you feel when you hear that. Shut down? Nervous? Aggravated? No matter how you slice it, it is negative.

There are other ways of delivering a negative message without sounding like the world is going to end. It has to do with wording. Be careful not to make the situation sound worse than it really is. In other words don’t pull an anchorman and deliver the news with hysteria.

Here are some positive options:

  • We have some challenges ahead that I would like to discuss.
  • We would like you to be involved in helping the company move forward.
  • I would love to get your ideas on some complicated projects we need to roll out.
  • Remember timing is everything. Make sure the other person or persons are able to speak then. Let them pick the time if possible.
  • Specificity and transparency is always the right choice.
  • When all else fails you can always dance your way out of it!!

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