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PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Ensuring that you have the correct slide size before you build your slides is crucial or you may end up having to revive all your slide elements. This is especially important if you are designing for print – the standard A4 preset in PowerPoint is not actually A4 (it is 27.5cm x 19.05cm). If you … Continued

Using the Slide Master for designing documents – Guidance for PowerPoint 2013

Why use PowerPoint for document design? While PowerPoint is primarily designed for designing presentations, it can also be used as a powerful and flexible desktop publishing tool that can deliver professional results without the expense of having to purchase and learn a dedicated DTP program such as InDesign. The flexibility of PowerPoint makes it perfect … Continued

Presenting: How to react when you make a mistake

  Its many people’s worst nightmare – making a mistake whilst giving a presentation. Remembering points, trying to use body language, it can all get on top of you, especially if you’re an inexperienced presenter or are giving a complicated presentation. Don’t worry. Everyone makes mistakes when giving presentations, even the best. It’s how you … Continued

Executive Presence: Speaking With Conviction

A simple step to speaking with conviction is the elimination of low status words and phrases. Kind of Sort of Just (as in “I just want to suggest”)   To be clear, in everyday casual communication, there is nothing wrong with any of these words. But when you want to speak with conviction, the words … Continued

Kinaesthetic Presentations

It’s easy to think that presentations are all about what you do aurally, but anyone familiar with Working Voices no doubt knows that body language is incredibly important too. Perhaps just as important is the ability to connect kinaesthetically with your audience. Essentially that means using body language not just to back up what you’re … Continued

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