Lost in Translation

I was recently in Dubai teaching Presentation Skills.  The fun part of this particular day was that a majority of the people in the room didn’t speak the same language as I did.

How did we do it?  How did we communicate without words?

Many ways but here are two that always work.

1. Body Language:

Sometimes you just need to act out what you need.

Next time you are presenting think about acting out your words – for example – if you are talking about writing something down – mime it!

I promise you it’s not as crazy as it seems.  By acting out your words you energize your material and it gives you something to do with those pesky appendages.

2. Being present:

  1. Beef up your listening skills and focus on what you can understand. 
  2. Focus by using eye contact and open body language. 
  3. Make a conscious effort not to let your attention wander and try your best to smile and keep your sense of humor. 

It was an amazing experience one I will never forget.  It is good to put yourself out there and try new things.

What is something new that you will try this week?

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