Know What You’re Saying Before You Present

Yesterday on UK breakfast television, something went wrong, if only a little wrong. Whilst presenting the national weather, long time BBC weather report Carol Kirkwood seemingly pressed her plunger one time too many, resulting in the temperature chart reverting to default. 99 degrees Celsius was predicted to engulf the country. Having lived in England all my life, I can tell you that right now, nine Celsius would be a pretty fine thing.

I thought this was worth a quick blog because almost every presentation I see nowadays is accompanied by a laptop, ipad, or some digital element to either enhance what is being said with visuals, or to present a summary of the topic as the presentation goes on. This should be no alternative to learning your presentation thoroughly, and where possible, any presentation should be able to be run with just the speaker standing before an audience, no visuals, sounds, handouts; just the speaker themselves. This way, if you’re speaking and something goes wrong technically, you can deal with it and overcome it, just as Carol does in this clip.


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