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How Nick Clegg’s Eyebrows Could Save the Liberal Democrats

  Nick Clegg faces a virtual mission impossible in this general election campaign – but if anything can save him and his party from electoral oblivion, it’s his eyebrows. That’s right. His eyebrows. They’re the key to understanding why, despite being a figure of derision, the deputy prime minister’s communication skills remain some of the … Continued

General Election 2015: The leaders’ TV debate Achilles heels

  No-one’s perfect – and all seven of the party leaders in this week’s TV debate are no exception. These are the chinks in their armour. David Cameron: A tense prime minister After doing his best to avoid the debates altogether, the Prime Minister must work hard to convince viewers he really wants to be … Continued

Nicola Sturgeon: A Better Politician Than You Think

  Nicola Sturgeon, like Angela Merkel, isn’t exactly the most vivacious of leaders. But they both combine being competent in the limelight with a get-things-done tenacity and an intellectual credibility that appeals to voters tired of celebrity politics. Let’s be clear: this comparison is meant as a compliment, not an insult. Even if both the … Continued

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