So how in the world can a video of the actors rehearsing SpongeBob SquarePants possibly have any relevance to the business world?

Well, we’ve all been on conference calls where we can tell the person/people to whom we are speaking are not actually giving us their full attention. Or we’re not giving the call, the focus it requires. People can hear in our voice when we’re not engaged or passionate about the conversation. Usually there’s some multi tasking going on – checking emails, catching up on paper work, half listening, etc…

When having a conference call, I highly recommend sitting up straight in your chair, focusing exclusively on the call and engaging your body in the conversation through gestures. This will up your intonation (the rise and fall of the voice when speaking) as witnessed by the above clip, and make you more interesting to listen to.

Just a word of caution: make sure you’re in private or else you might look like Squidward playing a clarinet.

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