Personal Impact In my “Office”. How to deal with a “Michael Scott”?

Forgive me if you’re not familiar with the American version of the British classic “The Office” and the character of “Michael Scott”. It’s well worth watching for a hilarious illustration of how NOT to behave in the work place. He’s a Daffy Duck lethal cocktail of self-obsession, narcissism, and complete cluelessness. Steve Carell says “If you don’t know a Michael Scott, you are Michael Scott.”

So, do you work with a Michael Scott? How do you navigate a difficult personality without getting drawn in and making the same mistakes? In our Personal Impact course we help figure out your best options in dealing with difficult people and also examining how you respond to the “Michael Scott” in your office. Here’s a tip: Identify your emotional trigger buttons. A little self-knowledge will lesson the sting and will give you perspective to make the best choices.

On a personal note, I find Carell’s assessment of the “Scott” character touching when he states that “He’s a man who has a good heart, but just doesn’t have a frame of reference”. Who can’t relate to that once in a while?

“That’s what she said”!

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