Death to Idea Thieves! – Delivering your message with Personal Impact

Does this ever happen to you in meetings?  You know that you have something important to say and often you will say it. However it may not have the impact that you’d like; or it doesn’t come over as powerfully as it could; or people don’t take the necessary actions.  Well although this clip is very tongue-in-cheek and meant to amuse – it’s salient points about making a point heard are worth looking at.

The man with the idea delivers it with a shrug and is communicating apologetically with his face and voice. His personal impact just isn’t effective but he doesn’t communicate his message with an appropriate and confident tone or with congruent body language. The idea stealer delivers it with clear hand gestures and a strong, slow and deep voice.  Again these are caricatures but very often great ideas are overlooked because of the delivery of the message.

Making yourself heard requires belief in and responsibility for the importance of what you’re saying. Playing small will not serve you or the team. Always work to improve your personal impact if you want others to listen.

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