New outfit? … or new lipstick!

It’s a well-known fact – to cheer ourselves up we change our lipstick, not our clothes in a recession.

It’s not just your mood a lipstick can change. It’s so versatile. It can change your outfit and outlook! Are you a feisty red go–getter or are you pink and shimmery and shy? A new lipstick can change your look far more economically than a new outfit.

I recommend you experiment often, and remember your colouring not only changes throughout the year, but also your life. You constantly need to re-evaluate! Always look at the effect the lipstick colour has on the rest of your face, and your outfit. 50s red is so now, but there are so many shades… .

  • A tanned skin and orangey red lipstick is striking especially if you’re wearing black. And the orange in the lips will bring out the blue or green in your eyes. However, orange can also make your teeth look yellow, so beware.
  • Bluey red lipstick works well with dark, auburn colouring accentuating red tones in your hair and peachy tones in your skin. It can also bring out the blue tones in your complexion – watch out for the dark circles!

Among the reds I love are Ruby Roux and Russian Red by Mac, Rouge 401 by Armani, Clinique’s Beach Coral, and Yves St Laurent’s Le Rouge. But don’t just match your lipstick to your outfit; look at the whole picture, and choose tones that bring out the attractive, healthy tones in your face. Your eyes and your smile are two of your most valuable tools of communication, so make the most of them.

Finally, you’ll need much less colour on your cheeks with red lipstick; and an outline of nude lip pencil will help define those lips, as they inevitably mouth“I’m-ready-for-action”.

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