Obama’s Assertive Address

As a potential resolution to the Syrian situation seems to be emerging, no resolution is actually guaranteed.

Obama addressed the nation on the 10th about potential air strikes on Syria. Was his speech effective? Only time will really tell, but was it executed well? Yes it was. Using emotive language but in his typically calm, authoritative tone, Obama seemed statesman like as he made his case, explaining the thinking behind his opinions and recent actions in detail.

Like all good leaders, he addressed the concerns of those who’ve presented opposition to him, accepting that his nation is weary of war, especially in the Middle East. Laying out logical and precise reasons for military action in the form of a surgical airstrike, Obama inferred threat in a dignified but direct way, ‘the United States military doesn’t do pin pricks.’ (8.20)

Perhaps after Iraq, which some Americans consider a conflict they were mis-sold, Obama wanted to be as honest and open as possible, and for me his address certainly felt that way. He accepted that the Syrians are not interested in engaging in a conflict with exterior nations and there is little chance of Syria wishing to take the fight outside of its own borders.

How Obama impacted on the nation is something I’m unsure about, and people will never agree on this anyway, but his handling of his speech was articulate, confident, and hit exactly the right feel with suitable tone and conviction.

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