Nick Fordham to Moderate at HR Summit

We’re very happy to announce that our own Nick Fordham will be moderating the HR Summit & Expo Hong Kong, the largest HR-focused conference and expo in Southeast Asia, with over 4,100 attendees attending every year. HR Summit & Expo HK offers  a platform to meet face-to-face with thousands of fellow HR professionals, discuss unique company challenges, and mingle with various HR intelligentsia and gurus of Hong Kong, Macau, the Pearl River Delta region and beyond.

Nick will be specifically moderating The Big Debate: What is the ROI for investing in your company’s HR? The debate starts at 4pm on the 12th of May and is part of the C-Suite stream.


The Big Debate - HR Expo &m Summit HK







About Nick

Nick Fordham understands people. He knows how to put them at their ease. Emotional intelligence, personal presence, building rapport, dealing successfully with challenging individuals, it’s all second nature to Nick.

Engaging, personable and refreshing are just a few of Nick’s infectious qualities.

Running workshops, delivering tailored programmes, making podium talks in large auditoriums, coaching CEOs, MDs and Directors for some crucial speaking task, it’s all work that Nick not only takes in his stride but also loves to do.

In particular he’s sought-after as a 1:1 coach. He’s able to offer this platinum-standard learning experience at ALL levels within the client organisation. The only requirement in those he coaches is a desire to learn. Nick has the technique to do the rest.

Working Voices is a leading global training provider focused on communication and presentation skills. They offer an impressive range of both Face-to-Face and dynamic online courses. With offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, they advise and consult to businesses and professionals across all sectors.

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