A Meeting of Minds – Wonder Woman & Captain Pajama Shark

“Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything”
John Kenneth Galbraith

This hilarious clip is an example of a really diverse meeting at SNL.

Although meant to be funny I really loved how this clip showed some examples of an effective meeting. Running an effective meeting feels incredible and really builds your confidence as a leader. Being a part of an effective meeting feels just as good. You (dare I say) look forward to that meeting whenever it happens. How can you be a part of these amazing meetings? Preparation and participation is essential.

Did you know that we spend over 31 hours a month in meetings? Of those meetings 50 percent of them have been proven to be ineffective. We have all been in a meeting where in our head is the voice screaming “Why am I here?”

Majority of studies show that an effective meeting is one where all attendees are allowed to participate. This is important because, just like Captain Pajama Shark, if you don’t participate then you don’t need to be there wasting your time.

A well written agenda is vital. It must be focused on a common, shared objective(s). Even such a focused agenda will not by itself make a meeting productive though, you must also publish minutes afterward including (especially ACTION ITEMS!)

When in the meeting invite open questions as opposed to closed-ended. Try sending your agenda out before the meeting. Be specific. Make sure all participants agree to the agenda. Treat it like a contract. This way everyone knows how to prepare. It also gives you permission to stick to the agenda.

SNL may be going for laughs but wow do they know how to get everyone’s input in a fast way.

Having Wonder Woman there doesn’t hurt either!!!

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