I love it when a plan comes together.

Hannibal Smith’s timeless words from the A-team. They came to mind as Working Voices finished a major programme in the UK a week or so ago. Over two weeks we’d delivered a big, high-profile programme of training for a major client – and it went well.

It took a huge amount of collaboration and planning to get the logistics sorted. This was a training programme for 400 + individuals over ten days. It involved

  1. running presentation-preparation workshops
  2. filming the participants presenting to large audiences and
  3. giving feedback on presentation style.

We flew in our teams from Asia and the US to deliver it

There are many things to take into account when planning a programme of this size, from getting ten or so trainers into the right place at the right time, to getting hours of footage filmed and edited and in the hands of the right trainer within a few hours. Three things in particular made it a success:

  • Planning and preparation resulting in everyone being clear on individual roles and responsibilities
  • Having an effective coordinator behind the scenes
  • Having a great team of people to work with. People who genuinely enjoy their work and able to interact and build client relationships effortlessly.

I’ll focus on this final point. In project delivery, it is crucial to have a group of people you can trust and relate to. Not everyone has to get along all the time, but the fundamental level of trust and respect has to be there. Luckily, in our particular case, we all get on well so each interaction is not only informative but also comfortable and authentic. It makes a massive difference. There is very little gossip. Communication is delivered in a straightforward way, especially under pressure. All in all it made fulfilling this project a real pleasure.

Trainers’ lives tend to be “individual”. They have to be able to

  • A) confidently enter a room and deliver a course to people they’ve only just met and will spend only a short time with,
  • B) hold the dynamic of the group
  • C) get the best out of the people
  • D) leave and do the same thing again next day.

This recent team project reignited the power and pleasure of training as part of a team. An interlude when we could all share stories, thoughts and ideas as well as socialise, have fun and transform colleagues into friends.

Yes, “I love it when a plan comes together”.

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  1. very true…….

    without a good team its hard to complete a ask, but obviously most of the time we wont get a good team members who would coordinate togeather

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