Learning Made Easy

LearnBox is a collection of highly interactive thirty minute sessions that’ll get your teams working together, having a lot of fun, and most importantly, developing their skillset. Covering four key pillars: wellbeing, productivity, communication & leadership, LearnBox offers simple yet practical takeaways that can be used instantly. This hands on approach means there are no slides, only games & exercises with core learning points attached to each. They will learn by doing. We also offer a pick & mix form of delivery where participants can choose the session that best suits their calendars & their needs. This really is learning made easy.

Key Features

30 minute sessions
Covers Wellbeing, Productivity, Communication & Early Leadership
Highly interactive
Teams work together
Choose from a topic menu that speaks to your teams
Inspires an instant change of behaviour

These practical thirty minute sessions will get your teams working together and walking away with clear, actionable takeaways. If you have a question or are keen to book, simply get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hungry to learn

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We will soon be offering 20 minute, TED like talks that are followed by a ten minute, highly interactive table discussion. We’ll be covering engaging and stimulating topics in a fresh and informative manner. The questions we’ll be answering include:

  • Crisis & response :How do we best turn crisis into opportunity?
  • ENDURANCE :What does it take to show resilience in moments of adversity?
  • THE MEANING OF WORK :How do we make work more meaningful for ourselves and others?
  • HOW THINGS SPREAD :How do we make an idea, brand or behaviour spread?
  • GET PREPARED :What can we do today to prepare for tomorrow?
  • THE UNSPOKEN :How much does non-verbal communication affect our choices?
  • HEADSPACE :Is the pursuit of happiness possible in our busy lives?
  • SPEAK UP :How do we best take advantage of the moment and speak up?
  • HERO’S JOURNEY :Why are we drawn to stories and how can we best use them?
  • HARDWIRED :How much of who we are can we change and develop?
  • DATA REVOLUTION :Can big data change the way we live our lives?
  • PERCEPTION :How accurate are the assumptions we make?