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A quality agenda…

I recently took part in a couple of days of meetings where we were writing material deliverable to clients. What was notable about the vibe of the meetings themselves, though, was the quality of interpersonal communication and the clarity of the agenda set by the meetings’ organizer. The tone of the interpersonal communication was friendly, … Continued

Digital Media Embraced!

Here’s an interesting article on teaching digital media in schools. What I particularly like is that the educators in the article are taking the position that the “genie is out of the bottle” so why not try to use digital media as a tool for education and to motivate students, rather then looking at digital … Continued


So how in the world can a video of the actors rehearsing SpongeBob SquarePants possibly have any relevance to the business world? Well, we’ve all been on conference calls where we can tell the person/people to whom we are speaking are not actually giving us their full attention. Or we’re not giving the call, the … Continued

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