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Stress and Communication – Tips to lighten the load

We’re constantly told that we live in stressful times, or that the modern world is more stressful than its ever been, or that stress is the number one cause of everything bad. Sometimes I wonder if every generation thought their lives were more stressful than the one before. Put it in perspective and we probably … Continued

A Rough Guide to Handshaking Today

The handshake is an incredibly recognisable form of greeting, with many variants and many meanings depending on how they’re conducted and their geographical location. Originally handshakes were a way of displaying to one another that both parties were unarmed, and thus trusting to each other, and this grew into the expression of equality it is … Continued

Genuine vs Inauthentic – The Importance of Connection

I’m going to talk briefly about the differences between being genuine and being inauthentic, and when we are most likely to lean towards one or the other.  In my view being genuine is about being open and honest when appropriate, being unafraid of expressing honest feeling, being self-accepting and self-aware, and being able to be … Continued

Assertion, Aggression, and Submission – getting the balance right

I’m going to briefly outline the differences between assertion, aggression, and submission in term of communication, as Vickers et al state in their book Personal Impact. Submissives are the easiest of these three groups to spot.  They’re often swept aside in conversation, and in their personal lives, by ‘big’ personalities.  Being submissive doesn’t necessarily mean … Continued

Solar Super storm (or meteor) and the end of the world

Well if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Every hundred and fifty years or so, the sun ejects a huge amount of radiation and particles – it’s quite normal, no one’s going to be blinded, there won’t be any violent walking plants stalking the streets, but one thing that is at risk, is our world … Continued

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