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Self Promotion – Making The Unnatural Feeling Go Away?

This week I was training in Geneva, doing a course on Networking skills and how to raise your profile for the important things that you are doing, without being seen to “blow your own trumpet”.  And an Italian lady asked me a question about why this is seen to be so bad and how can … Continued

Smile and the world does smile back

I was walking around in central London the other day, and I just happened to think of something funny and as I thought about it I absent-mindedly smiled to myself, and kept smiling for a while.  Suddenly the world changed.  People walking past started looking at me.  The usual hard faces of the massive foot … Continued

Empathy and why it’s important

Are you angry at someone you are working with?  I know the last thing you want to do is feel empathy for them but the first step in getting out of the argument is letting the emotion dissipate and looking at the situation with empathy. It doesn’t mean giving up on what you need or … Continued

Blinking – a lot of myths; a few facts

Did you know that women blink on average, twice as frequently as men? And, unlike some other things which are different among the genders (the way we talk to each other for example), blinking is a reflex, so it can’t be learnt. The way we blink isn’t usually noticeable to others, and isn’t usually a … Continued

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