One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is staff retention and that is linked to staff training.

Working Voices, a global training company who work with businesses to improve, educate and enhance interpersonal skills in the workplace have just announced their latest offering – all new eLearning bundles! Working Voices have now packaged their eLearning solution into 8 neat bundles for more targeted and effective learning than ever before!

In creating these complete elearning bundles, Working Voices helps businesses to spend their L&D budget more wisely. Working Voices recognise the dilemma that L&D professionals across all industries face – smaller budgets and bigger expectations. They have worked to provide a solution that will allow businesses make their budget go further by giving them more targeted & efficient learning options.

Working Voices works with 100 of the world’s largest companies in a variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Retail, IT and Telecommunications. Companies can choose just one, or multiple bundles to focus on a specific set of communication skills that are relevant to their business and their employees.
The 8 core learning themes cover all areas of communication and include:

  • Presenting
  • Personal Impact
  • Networking & Personal Brand
  • Influencing & Persuasion
  • Wellbeing
  • Writing & Productivity
  • Culture, Diversity & Ethics
  • Leadership.

Lara, Director of Sales and Marketing at Working Voices says:

“Businesses can also choose to roll out different bundles for different departments meaning there is virtually no wasted L&D spend.”

When you order an eLearning bundle from Working Voices you’ll get easy access to their online platform with each of the courses available in your bundle. Your staff will benefit from elearning short but stimulating bitesize videos which make learning fun and rewarding. This microlearning style allows your employees to manage their own time, letting them dip in and out when they see best. Downloadable course notes are available to supplement & enhance learning while the chance to achieve a CPD certificate motivates your users. The Working Voices platform is available on desktop, tablet and mobile for learning on the go so that your employees can continue their learning journey any time and any place with expert trainers in their pocket.

If you’re worried about employees losing interest in their eLearning courses, leaving efforts to equip them with new skills squandered and budget wasted, Working Voices also offer an innovative engagement package as a part of a Premium Subscription. The Working Voices team will then work with you, to give your learners a personalised journey that encourages them to reach attainable goals and fulfil their ambitions. Unlike some online business courses, the Working Voices trainers are those featured on our website and they will be the trainer in your pocket.

Contact us now to order your elearning bundles and accelerate your staff training at rates never seen before.

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