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I remember that the comment left me feeling sad that my daughter’s children might grow up in a world where they would not be able to have the pleasure of choosing their bedtime stories from the bookshelf, looking and turning the pages of a beautifully illustrated fairy tale and running their noses down the spine of a book to smell the paper,

It’s funny the things we remember from our childhood, once we become parents.

Recently someone tried to convince me that training and classroom learning will be phased out in years to come by e-learning, honestly, next they will be telling me that online parties are fun.

In all seriousness this is a subject where I will need a lot of persuading. I struggle deeply with the notion that classroom learning will slowly disappear. Now, this time, you will be pleased to read that I put forward a convincing argument as to why I don’t think this is about to happen any time soon.

My two main points for feeling so strongly on this subject are firstly that people need people. We need to learn from each other, we need to watch each other, we need to debate with each other, we need to laugh with each other, we need to challenge each other, we need to motivate each other, we need to compete with each other, and we need to praise each other.

My second point is that a classroom gives delegates/students a structured environment in which to learn. Structure is an integral part of the learning process as it is time-dependent, it is motivational and challenging and it enables us to interact with others who have values and beliefs different from our own.

I recently read an interesting article in the Guardian by Alan Haburchak entitled I need real people to help me learn a language.

Alan, adjunct professor at Columbia Journalism School, is taking part in the online language learning challenge set up by the Guardian. The challenge is to find out if its possible to learn a language only using online tools.

I believe whole-heartedly in the blended approach to learning where classroom and online work in synergy with each other. Here at Working Voices we have recently developed a new product called Working Voices Digital. This new product is available online to all delegates who have attended one of our workshops. It replaces the need for written course notes and demonstrates succinctly the synergy between classroom and online learning.

Working Voices digital replaces course notes with simple, short bite-sized videos that are available both on a computer via the Working Voices Digital website or via an iPhone or iPad app – just go to the App store and search for WV Digital”.

Watch Jay Rhoderick’s brilliant introduction to Working Voices Digital and Personal Impact.

All these bite-size videos are available to delegates when they book on certain courses so if you are interested in accessing them, please do contact us at info@workingvoices.com.

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