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January 19th 2021

How to manage anxiety

By Maria Kassova

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Maria Kassova

Masterclass Agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

  • Understand self-compassion
  • An introduction to the session. Discover the scientific research on the benefits of self-compassion including reducing PTSD

  • Components of self-compassion
  • Learn how self-kindness, connectedness and mindfulness improve your well-being, reduce self-judgement and dissolve fear

  • Apply self-compassion
  • Review a personal set-back through the lens of self-compassion and create a new, empowering meaning to boost your drive

  • Self-compassion exercises
  • Experience guided self-compassion practices including heart-focused breathing

  • Implementation plan
  • Create steps & take action to increase your self-compassion

  • Consolidation
  • Set next steps and create an individual happiness plan.

Why this session?

We all deal with adversity, but the pandemic has brought it to a new level of intensity! Self-compassion gives us more power when dealing with difficulties. We can silence the harsh inner critic and appreciate our inherent value, while addressing the things we want to change. Research led by Kristin Neff has shown that self-compassion is beneficial to our psychological well-being as it is associated with “greater emotional resilience, more accurate self-concepts, more caring relationship behaviour.”


What will I learn?

  • How self-compassion alleviates stress and low self-confidence
  • Your current level of self-compassion & how to increase it
  • Discover the three elements of self-compassion
  • Quick and easy self-compassion practices

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How to manage anxiety

Date And Time

January 19th 2021



We use the eventbrite system to ensure a simple, easy, safe and secure booking process for you.

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