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December 16th 2020

How to be more positive

By Maria Kassova

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Maria Kassova

Masterclass Agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

  • Concept of Happiness
  • An introduction to the session. The numerous health and other benefits of happiness according to positive psychology research

  • Before – Prepare for success
  • Understanding the technology and delivery style required for this medium. What works and what disengages.

  • Focus on your strengths
  • Identify your individual strengths and life experiences when you were at your best – alive & empowered

  • Get in the flow
  • Explore what activities help you lose track of time and space. Recall what made you daydream as a kid, and what helps you focus and create effortlessly.

  • Gratitude and service
  • Identify everything you can be grateful for. Recall the power of paying forward and serving others without any expectations.

  • Consolidation
  • Set next steps and create an individual happiness plan.

Why this session?

Dealing with the unusual circumstances lately has taken an emotional toll on us. Many have lost jobs and direction. We have had to adapt to a new ways of life and work without “notice”. No wonder the sense of happiness and hope have dwindled. Marc Aurelius said ‘You have power over your mind- not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength!. Feeling happy in spite of circumstances helps us reimagine and reengineer our lives in the direction we want. It is also more pleasant to live like that!

What will I learn?

  • The health benefits of happiness according to science
  • How to cultivate a happiness mindset
  • Discover what your state of “flow” is
  • Tools to ignite and sustain happiness

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How to be more positive

Date And Time

December 16th 2020



We use the eventbrite system to ensure a simple, easy, safe and secure booking process for you.

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