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April 13th 2021

Building virtual relationships

By Paul Hill

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Paul Hill

Masterclass Agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

  • Focus
  • Developing the right attitude, observing others, the rule of reciprocity and being present with people.

  • Understanding your Audience
  • Listening to understand, using questions effectively, developing empathy and remembering names.

  • Physical & Visual
  • Using powerful body language; eye contact, smiling and energy. Achieving balance and voice modulation.

  • Virtual Rapport Building
  • Connecting with others in meetings, via email and over the phone

  • Playing the Long Game
  • Building rapport with people in senior positions, developing long term goals, putting it all into practice

Why this session?

  • Through building virtual relationships and rapport you will establish a much deeper trust and understanding with both clients and colleagues.
  • Building rapport virtually will enhance your professional experience, making your work with people more productive, efficient and enjoyable.


What will I learn?

  • You’ll learn the understand the dynamics of rapport and what techniques to use to create and enhance it.
  • You’ll learn to make building rapport a part of every encounter and know how to create it when it’s absent.
  • You’ll learn to ways to demonstrate your understanding of others and so see eye to eye with more people.

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Building virtual relationships

Date And Time

April 13th 2021



We use the eventbrite system to ensure a simple, easy, safe and secure booking process for you.

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