The trillion-dollar taboo: why it’s time to stop ignoring mental health at work - Lilah Raptopoulos & James Fontanella-Khan – Working Voices

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Financial Times’ cross-cultural study found that a vast number of employees felt unsupported by their employers, and alienated or discriminated against on the basis of mental health. Many believed that work negatively impacted their mental health and didn’t know where to go for support. According to WHO, this failure to support employee mental health is costing organisations $1 trillion in lost productivity.

Importantly, studies show that burnout is more common in employees who care the most about their work. Underlying the various initiatives taken to tackle this problem, is the critical idea of reducing work hours and providing employees the essential work-life balance. For example, Volkswagen changed its servers so that employees did not receive emails between 6.15 pm and 7 am.

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