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A friend called me up the other day, as she wanted to tell me about a terrible meeting experience. Before I go any further I must give you a little background on my friend who is one of the most professional people I know.  She is always polite, prepared, considerate, on time and very well turned out, which is probably why this meeting upset her so much.

Let me begin, my friend has her own marketing business and she was asked to present some marketing ideas to a firm that needed to re-brand and develop their social media strategy.

On the morning of the pitch half of the people were late which meant she had to keep repeating her introduction, when she presented ideas that they did not understand she was surrounded by a sea of scrunched up faces nodding their heads.  At the end of the presentation she said they asked some good questions but it was their curt tone of voice that was off putting.

What amazed my friend is that the manager in the room did not seem bothered by the behaviour of his team and the impact it was having on the presenter.

Now, I am not telling this story because I want to bang on about professionalism but I am writing this blog because I think that these people did not know any better.  I believe that if they had received some training on emotional intelligence and personal brand then my friend would have had a totally different meeting experience.  We are all suppliers, colleagues and clients and it’s important that we treat each other with respect and empathy.



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