Psychopaths At Work – Working Voices

Someone who is a psychopath is not necessarily violent or bad, but they do not usually treat others well, often disregarding other’s rights and wants in favour of their own. Often they are portrayed as being ruthless, and quite frequently psychopaths are highly intelligent and operate from within a system they know well, exploiting it for their own furtherment.

Because psychopathy is on a sliding scale and not clearly defined, it is hard to decide where it begins and ends – the difference between someone who’s just a nasty piece of work, or an actual psychopath can be tiny. Psychopaths are just a fact of life, and whilst the condition might not distress those with it, it surely is quite alienating.

So, I’m sure we all think we’ve come across psychopaths in our time, but what are the jobs where psychopaths are most likely to be found? Kevin Dutton lists the top vocations that psychopaths are drawn toward, with clergymen, surgeons, and chefs, in the top ten. That’s right. Clergymen. At number one though, is CEO. Smart, ruthless, and motivated, who’d have thought it? Less likely careers for psychopaths to choose include nurse, accountant, and teacher, so if you are a psychopath, perhaps one of these careers is the route to follow if you want to stay concealed.

Of course whatever psychopaths find themselves doing, the real issue here is empathy, and their lack of real empathy. Anyone can train themselves to recognise other’s emotions, but that’s not really feeling it and intuitively interpreting body language and tone, as you and I would do naturally. Genuine empathy is a powerful communication tool; the ability to understand someone’s else’s position, why they believe what they believe, or behave in the way they behave, allows us to react appropriately to them and for real understanding to be forged.

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