Pitch perfect: require a leading communication skill.

The breakfast meeting was interesting as it focused on getting the most from marketing automation for your business rather than being a thinly veiled sales pitch for the product. This is an all too frequent mistake we see businesses making that can turn off audiences from the get go. It was also amazing to see how, throughout the presentation Pardot was only mentioned as an adjunct. It felt like the real purpose of the breakfast meeting was to help us use marketing automation best practice, everything else was secondary; now that is real value.

Shannon Duffy, CMO of Salesforce Pardot who gave the talk offered some great insights and tips that any business could use. I don’t want to ruin the breakfast for anyone attending so I won’t be revealing any spoilers but it’s a great use of a couple of hours in the morning with some immediate actions that you can apply to make your life easier. Listening to Shannon, who is an excellent speaker, was a pleasure. She was engaging, there was a definite friendliness in her approach and she had that natural ability to speak to the entire room like she was speaking to close friends. She injected the right amount of humour into what could have been a dry subject. Great use of examples and slides used as visual engagement rather than as notes to be read from.

Her expertise was evident and the natural pace and flow of the presentation was enough to keep the audience engaged without feeling overwhelmed. The content itself was bite size but useful, it was framed well from the outset. Marketing people often know what they should be doing, but the main challenge for many of us is finding the time to do it, this presentation really hit the spot.

The Pardot solution was referenced throughout the presentation but then again, that’s the company offering these insights and the messaging was subtle and not overpowering in the slightest. You do leave the breakfast wondering how on earth you can cope without using the tools and for someone venturing into market automation and not yet a customer, it almost feels like nothing else could provide such a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Check out Shannon’s blog here.

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