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Helping your people to achieve their goals and keeping their motivation high can have many benefits for your business including increased productivity, performance and morale.

Here are 5 ways to nurture that new year motivation in employees and keep it going strong throughout the year… 

  1. Get everyone together

One way to get the year off to a good start is to get everyone together. Give employees some time to catch up with each other on a personal level but also hold a meeting to realign everyone’s priorities, bring attention to any important dates and emphasise the company’s goals. If it’s not possible to get everyone in one location, you could make use of video conferencing or hold smaller regional meetings. In this meeting highlight and recognise the successes of the previous year and ensure everyone knows what the new targets are for this year. This will give employees some much-needed clarity and will enable them to see what it is they have to do and how their work will make a difference.

  1. Introduce new incentives

 When everyone heads back to work in January after a long winter break it can be difficult to get stuck back in. While incentives are always good at providing a little extra motivation, it’s nice to start the new year with some positive new changes – new rewards and incentives are particularly exciting and give employees something to push themselves for.

  1. Work on company culture

Company culture is so important to the way employees feel about their job and the attitude they have towards their work. A positive company culture can empower and energise your staff while a poor company culture can drain them. It can be hard to define what company culture actually is but it’s important to consider the organisational structure, the leadership approach, the style of working, the pay & benefits, the people and the values. All of these things should be addressed when trying to shape or change the company culture of an organisation for the better. Small changes can make a big difference!

  1. Focus on personal development

Employees are no longer solely motivated by short term financial benefits but are now thinking longer term and are more interested in their careers. 76% of employees want opportunities for career growth. Showing support for personal development keeps employees motivated and helps them perform to their best ability. It’s a good idea for line managers to meet with their direct reports at the beginning of the year and set out a 12-month personal development plan, discuss ambitions, goals and set some targets.

  1. Invest in training

You may have heard the saying…

“What if I train them and they leave?”

“What if you don’t and they stay?”

Employee training ensures that you have an effective workforce with enhanced skills and a high level of talent. Not only that, training is important to employees – 68% of workers say training and development is the most important workplace policy. Many of your employees will be setting ambitious goals to develop their skills, become successful leaders or progress in their careers. Help them to reach their goals this year and keep them motivated by investing in their development and providing training that helps them on their way.

At Working Voices, we have 20 years of experience in the training industry and a range of courses on presentation skills, communication and leadership, both online and offline. If you would like help putting together a training and development strategy for your business get in touch and we would be glad to help.

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