Microlearning: 6 Reasons Bitesize Learning is Taking L&D by Storm

What is Microlearning?

Put simply it is bitesize, granular training. The content is short and easily digestible focussing on 1 narrow topic area or concept at a time.

Here are some of the many benefits of microlearning as a method of training:

 Increased retention rates

Bitesize learning has been shown to improve the retention of information by 20%. It’s short nature makes it easier for people to recall what they have learnt and lends itself to learners with shorter attention spans.

Immediate results

The granularity enables people to dip in and out of their learning journey, completing just one new module at a time. This means that learners are able to use microlearning to answer specific questions as they arise and close small skill or knowledge gaps as needed. 

Budget friendly

Microlearning is specific, it solves one problem at a time which makes it budget friendly. Our elearning material can be bought by bundle or by course so L&D teams only have to spend money on what is relevant.


The short bitesize nature of microlearning means that it doesn’t take long for learners to complete an assessment and make quick achievements. Achieving success quickly can be hugely motivational and encourage learners to keep going on their learning journey.

Suits a fast-paced culture

Bitesize learning caters for the fast-paced culture of today’s working life. It can be difficult for busy people to fit longer form training into their schedules but microlearning is much less disruptive and makes it much easier for people to fit training into their day and around their busy schedules because it doesn’t take as long for them to complete. When learners find training to be less disruptive to their day they also become more willing and likely to engage. 

Diverse formats

Microlearning can take any format but usually refers to modular eLearning. As a training provider with 20 years in the business, we understand how effective microlearning is as a method of training, that’s why we offer microlearning in both eLearning & classroom formats.

Our Microlearning Services

Our classroom based microlearning is called LearnBox and consists of short thirty minute sessions, highly interactive in style to get your teams working together, having fun, and most importantly, developing their skillset. This hands-on approach means there are no slides, only interactive exercises with core learning points attached to each so your teams end up walking away with clear, actionable takeaways. With a pick & mix form of delivery – participants can simply select the session that best suits their needs.

Our elearning courses are another great option if you want to adopt a microlearning strategy for your learners. Each of our online communication skills training courses is split into easily digestible modules and each video is usually less than 3 minutes long addressing a specific question or issue.

If you’re interested in any of our microlearning services for your teams, get in touch to talk to us about a training solution that best suits your business requirements. We can help create the right blend of online and offline training for you.

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