How Working Voices learning tips helps L&D Professionals

The big question for L&D professionals currently is “how will we be learning by 2020?” (That’s the 1,100 days in the title in case you were wondering). So what do we know?

We also know that the future workplace will include four or sometimes five different generations: Silent, Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennial and Generation Z. Each group will have different needs and demands –for example, Generation Z may be forced to join the workforce earlier in their lives, due to expensive higher education fees and their desire to not be burdened with debt.

E-learning for L&D – the next and best generation of learning?

E-learning will be an integral and growing part of the L&D offering. As agile learning evolves, offering staff cost-effective and directly relevant e-learning is going to be an on-going challenge for developers. E-learning is a space all organisations know they’ve got to be in but the elephant in the room is:

“How effective is e-learning and how much should we be spending on it?”

A thought that should be at the forefront of our minds, when developing new e-learning products, is the often quoted – “technology should be seen as an opportunity to acquire more knowledge, not an excuse to know less”

So what does this mean to us mortals who work in the L&D function? It means we have to be prepared to transform the business perception of L&D, stay ahead of how people want to learn and be innovative and open to change.

An already recognised challenge is for learning to be able to reach out, attract and retain all the different talents of the five different generations in the workplace, as each have different needs and drivers.

Over the years, Working Voices has successfully adapted to a changing world and has done so without losing our core values. We grow year on year through establishing great relationships, investing in new learning technologies, retaining our talent and enjoying what we do.

Head of Digital Learning, Robert Pilkington says: We’ve seen a shift in learning requirements and it’s our goal to meet the needs of our clients by investing and developing our digital (e-learning) platform month on month. We want to be at the cutting edge of learning technology and will continue to invest so that every individual has access to learning. We’ll be releasing latest versions of our digital product throughout 2017. Learning is key to our development as human beings and we need to make learning accessible, affordable and affective 24/7.”

L&D And E-Learning Challenges

So, how should L&D professionals ensure that they are best-placed, by 2020 to make the most of the challenges that we will face?

  • Develop a coordinated e-learning strategy.
  • Ensure that you are ready to meet the needs of those different generations who will make up your workforce.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient investment in blended and digital learning from the business
  • Maintain a flexible approach and engagement with the businesses to meet their changing needs.

Finally, remember that in times of major change, proactive communication to the team is key. The founder of Working Voices – Nick Smallman says:

Communication is an extremely valuable skill. It’s the activity of exchanging information and emotions. It’s done verbally (language and tone) and non-verbally (body language and expression). Like many other skills it can be taught and learned.

Leaders are defined by it, politicians, presidents and monarchs judged by it, salesmen measured by it, diplomats are precise with it, actors idolised because of it and business people, to be successful, need it more than any other tool.

The entire infrastructure of an individual’s personal life is dictated by their ability to build relationships, express feelings and just be present and listen to others. It’s essential to good parenting, good teaching and good social cohesion. 

A person’s inner communication designs their hopes and fears and liberates or imprisons them.

Humans are social beings and communication is a commodity so valuable, we would literally be lost without it.

How Working Voices helps L&D Professionals

Here at Working Voices we offer two learning platforms Blended and Digital. Our Blended solution is lead by a trainer present in the room, offering Classroom training, Executive coaching or Talks to large audiences. However, alongside the classroom or coaching experience comes digital follow up support.

Our digital (e-learning) product is an online learning platform offering expertly presented communication skills training through bite-sized videos.

We stay up to date and are constantly running research to ensure our training is cutting edge. Our latest release has some exciting new features including Incentivised Assessments that can reward users with CPD accreditation and Advanced Reporting that allows your business to measure progress, engagement and ROI.

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