How To Manage Your Personal Brand in 2021 - Working Voices

Here one of our trainers, John Mabberley, gives his own thoughts:

The first step is to want to!

Thinking about who is important within our target market and how it is that they perceive us, is not something we generally do with any degree of formality. It requires a high degree of introspection and sometimes that is both uncomfortable and difficult.

However, once we know what others think, we can ask the question why is that? What are my behaviours that cause this perception? And if I want that perception to change, how must my behaviours change?

A well thought-through Personal Brand that, through your behaviours, highlights your greatest skills and attributes, is the most important factor in creating a strong, lasting and positive impression.

But beware. The topic is not about faking it. It’s about understanding, developing and LIVING your Brand.

For more information why personal brand is important, on how to approach about personal brand, and how to improve it.

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