How To Dress For Presentations – Working Voices
US Senator Barbara Boxer is someone who knows how to dress for presentations, meetings, and speeches.

US Senator Barbara Boxer is someone who manages to pull off bright colours whilst still looking smart and authoritative.

Formal or casual, authoritative or approachable?  What will your audience be wearing? You don’t want to alienate them through being too formal, but you want to make a good impression!

Generally how you dress for presentations should see see looking a bit smarter than your audience – after all, you want to feel good about yourself, (it’ll give you confidence), and you want your audience to feel that you have authority, and know your stuff.

This might mean your best suit and tie, or for women a smart suit, or dress and jacket.  Whatever you wear, make sure it’s clean and well pressed.

A bright splash of colour, either a bright tie or top, will help keep your audience focused.  But avoid complicated patterns – they can be distracting.   Keep it plain and simple, smart and professional.  Best not leave your decisions until the night before, in case a trip to the cleaners, laundry, or shop is needed!

Whatever you decide, be comfortable, and wear what suits you.  The last thing you want to think about in your presentation is your clothing.

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