• 3hr group workshop

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • 6 Particpants

  • Blended Learning available

Course overview

The BECKS Model

Assess and understand what’s critical to clear team communication. Learn how to set and ensure behavioural expectations within the team

Stop, Start, Continue

Identify, then get to grips with the activities the team should either stop, start or continue doing

Listening & Clarity

Understand the world from the viewpoint of others and make sense of the blockers and enablers of good communication

Telling your Story

Convey who you are to your team and how you do that. Decide how you want to be perceived

The Finale

Explore the things you can do today and those you need to do going forwards. Review what you've learned and set goals for the future

Learning outcomes

  • You now know how to enhance your teamwork, trust and collaboration skills, and how individual work-styles affect team relationships.

  • You understand team dynamics so can build stronger cooperation and trust.

  • You're able to support your team better by seeing the world as others see it.

  • You now know how to communicate what you want the team to do with much greater clarity.

  • And you recognise what works for your team, so are focussed on developing those positives.

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