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Course overview

Introduction & Agenda

Learn the power of story telling in business and set your individual goals for the day

The Art of Storytelling

Discover why storytelling is so memorable and motivating, from inspiring your teams, to getting clients on board

The Brain and Stories

Understand the storytelling archetypes and why stories have such a powerful impact

Formula for Great Stories

Grasp how to format and adapt your own stories to both audience and setting. Explore how to use visual images, metaphors and anecdotes

Integrating Stories

Learn how to create your own business stories, what subjects to use, where and when. Learn what works and what doesn’t work

Learning outcomes

  • As a result of radically improving your storytelling ability you are now more influential, inspirational and motivational.

  • You truly value and understand the power of narrative language.

  • You know how to persuade, by uniting an idea with an emotion to create a compelling story.

  • You understand when and why to use a story to influence, motivate and inspire.

  • You really understand the proverb: "Those who tell the stories rule the world".

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