Delivering Compelling Feedback Training Course | Working Voices
  • 3hr group workshop

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • 6 Participants

  • Blended learning Available

Course overview

Evidence Based Approach

Learn to be disciplined and scientific, how to make it practical and factual so you manifest a positive effect

Positive Reinforcement

How to listen effectively to identify and encourage good behaviour. Learn to be authentic and show a genuine desire for your colleague's success

Staging the Conversation

Get practical about when, where and how to deliver feedback. Understand the importance of respecting privacy and time

Expectations and Pitfalls

Choose the right words in order show appreciation. Learn to make clear feedback requests – and learn what not to do


Explore various feedback models; when and how to use them and how to consolidate your actions

Learning outcomes

  • You no longer find delivering compelling feedback challenging or uncomfortable.

  • You now have the tools and confidence to do it really well.

  • You fully understand the value and benefits.

  • And have learnt the techniques and skills needed to optimise feedback opportunities.

  • This means you can now deliver memorable messages and lead by example.

  • You have learned a vital skill.

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