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Speeches That Shook The World

Anaphora, alliteration, allegory, all these might be found in a great speech, and Speeches That Shook The World is just about that – what makes a good speech? In the BBC piece, Simon Armitage examines some of the most important speeches in 20th and 21st century Britain and looks at the tools the speechwriters and … Continued

Blah Blah Blah and other things to listen for

Listening.  It sounds easy doesn’t it?  Someone’s speaks, a sound is made, and you can’t do much but hear that sound. We may have to strain to hear, we may not be able to do anything but hear, but it is completely under our control whether what we hear goes into our brains and to … Continued

Genuine vs Inauthentic – The Importance of Connection

I’m going to talk briefly about the differences between being genuine and being inauthentic, and when we are most likely to lean towards one or the other.  In my view being genuine is about being open and honest when appropriate, being unafraid of expressing honest feeling, being self-accepting and self-aware, and being able to be … Continued

Romney surges as Obama fails to show up!

It has been a few days since the first debate and the electoral landscape has changed a great deal. By all accounts Mitt Romney won the debate and President Obama has been pilloried in the press for a lackluster performance that dented his chances of re-election. Working Voices’ Nick Smallman and Henry Caplan watched the … Continued