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To help participants identify inclusion benefits and goals, and create a plan for implementation. To define and explain how to use choice architecture to incorporate inclusion, engagement, and innovation into decision making processes and work environments.

Why this session?

Gene Douglas

Gene is an educator based in New York City. Gene has devoted his career to helping individuals excel at presentation skills, writing skills and the realization of their business/personal strategies.  

Since joining Working Voices, Gene has sharpened existing courses and developed new courses, including: The Science of Timing, Advanced Leadership Communications, and Running Creative Meetings.


Masterclass agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

Leveraging inclusion

- Participants will identify the relational and transactional upsides of inclusion and how to develop these in the workplace.

Defining inclusion goals

- Participants will be able to identify their inclusion goals for individual/team/organizational application.

Choice architecture

- Defining and examining 'choice architecture', learning how to apply it to workplace inclusion.

Running inclusive meetings

- Participants will learn how to create psychologically safe environments that encourage total engagement.

Creating an inclusion plan

-Participants will learn to develop a goal, tools, and framework for making inclusion integral.

What our clients say

The training was excellent – all attendees are raving about how engaging the session was and how much they learnt”


Participants will be able to identify inclusion goals and will have the tools to implement them on an individual, team, or organizational level.

What's the outcome?

Free Webinar

October 13th 2022

9am ET (duration: one hour) 

Inclusive Workplace

By  Gene Douglas