It’s Inauguration day! Wrap up warm.

Yesterday we saw a very confident President start a second term. I thought his speech was cleverly written by sandwiching his main points between references to the bill of rights and the constitution (a powerful message to the Tea Party that they don’t own those historic texts). In 20 minutes, President Obama framed his vision for the future in a passionate and motivational manner not seen in some time. He seems emboldened by his victory with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.

If this was authoritative speaking at its best then spare a thought for William Henry Harrison the 9th President of the United States. He spoke for 2 hours when he was inaugurated in 1841 and ended up catching a cold that turned into pneumonia a month later – he died setting the record for the shortest Presidency ever!

Mind you, he didn’t have Beyoncé sing the national anthem – her stirring rendition would have warmed the cockles of any living soul.  Jay Z is a lucky man!

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