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Learning The Right Attitude For Success

  Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in the world.  Last week he led the Portuguese team to victory in the European Championship, and he has scored a stunning 50+ goals per season for the last six seasons in a row. Now that he is a superstar, it is easy to forget how Ronaldo … Continued

How To Dress For Presentations

I often get asked what you should wear for an important meeting or how to dress for presentations. Ask yourself, how do you want to come across to your audience? Formal or casual, authoritative or approachable?  What will your audience be wearing? You don’t want to alienate them through being too formal, but you want … Continued

Impact: Not Just What You Say But How You Say It

  Watch the video here.   Here’s proof that when we want to create impact, it isn’t just what we say but how we say it! How many times have we heard the same boring content, communicated in the same boring way? Time to do something to wake up your audience…Oh wait…Richard Branson beat me … Continued

A Rough Guide to Handshaking Today

The handshake is an incredibly recognisable form of greeting, with many variants and many meanings depending on how they’re conducted and their geographical location. Originally handshakes were a way of displaying to one another that both parties were unarmed, and thus trusting to each other, and this grew into the expression of equality it is … Continued

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