How Do I Prepare For A Performance Appraisal?

Performance appraisals are in some way or another part of most business’ annual schedule, but many of us dread being reviewed. Here, our trainer Jay gives his advice on how to approach a performance appraisal from the point of view of an employee being appraised.

Performance Appraisal


I make sure to go into the conversation having done my homework on myself, on the reviewer, and on my recent accomplishments and (importantly!) challenges at work.

I have to think about the following: –

  • what sort of worker I am?
  • how do I like to be managed?
  • how do I prefer to be critiqued?

I do an honest personal inventory on my own …

  • professional goals
  • collaborative style
  • personality
  • outlook
  • thinking/organizational process

I have to consider all these same things for my supervisor especially understanding how she communicates and if there are any unique or challenging ways that she expresses herself. Particularly, I should consider how straightforward and direct my reviewer may be, versus how subtle they may usually be. This is so I can “read” him or her as clearly as possible in the conversation.

Finally, I need to carefully and patiently look back over my recent history and start practicing telling myself specific stories out loud of successes and challenges, being as specific and clear as possible.


For more information on how to approach a performance appraisal effectively, from both the point of view of a reviewee and reviewer, click here.


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