How To Manage A Mistake When Presenting

Presenting, whether it is to a few colleagues or a huge audience, can be a daunting experience, and one seemingly full of pitfalls. A potential mistake and slips of the tongue could occur anywhere.

Here Henry gives his advice on what to do if you make a mistake when giving a presentation:

Experts make mistakes or rephrase a point in conversation and we barely notice. It’s often the feelings of shame around a mistake that let us down. So slow down, breathe, say something positive to yourself, get the next thought in your head and focus on your audience. If you need to re-iterate a point you perhaps garbled or gave incorrect information for, calmly correct yourself and don’t apologise; apologising is unnecessary, wastes time, and can make you look less confident.

Take a look at the video below, or click here for more information about how to give great presentations.


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