High-Status Behaviour from a High-Status Man – Stillness: Superb Body Language

President Obama and President Hu

Our readers will come to learn that I’m a fan of how President Obama communicates. He’s a fantastic example of someone who understands the importance of the role of communication on the world stage. Because he’s in control in front of the camera, he’s gaffe-free and gives the pundits nothing to satirise.

A great example was Day One of President Hu’s current state visit to the US. Pomp and Pageantry can be awkward but Obama’s Body Language was simplicity itself. For instance, it’s a difficult job for any world leader to look engaged when they’re not the focus of attention. However, when President Hu was speaking (and being interrupted regularly by his translator), President Obama was as still as a statue, with relaxed hands and a purposeful look on his face.

It’s not easy. When the world is watching and you have weighty issues on your mind, your anxiety can reveal itself inconveniently. Look no further than President Bush who would chew the inside of his cheek when nervous.

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