The greatest Show on earth

Every four years the political world experiences a festival of the latest influence and persuasion techniques in the form of the US presidential election. This cycle promises to be extremely exciting with the incumbent President Obama facing a Republican field determined to take back the Whitehouse. There are a multitude of factors that could determine the election: Jobs, deficits, inflation, the war in Afghanistan and on terror, new healthcare legislation and a load of other tangible policy issues but my feeling is that the American public will also look to the intangible: character, ethics, likability, presentation skills, who you would like to have a beer with and who seems most Presidential!

Working Voices will be providing analysis over the next 17 months offering opinions on the subjects that we know all about: Personal Brand, Presentation Skills, Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Presence, Gravitas, Leadership qualities, Motivational abilities and above all Authenticity. My feeling is that these factors will play a large part on the outcome of this crucial election.

As a reference, it should be noted that President Reagan won handsomely in 1984 despite average economic data (unemployment was over 7.5%). His ability to sell an optimistic message was a crucial factor in his re-election. It remains to be seen if President Obama can do the same.

Over the coming weeks and months we will analyse the Personal Brand of all of the Republican contenders and comment on their strengths and weaknesses. We will also be there for the debates and score the candidates for their communication prowess. We will also comment on stump speeches, press releases and campaign marketing.

As ever we would welcome your comments and look forward the extraordinary media extravaganza as it unfolds before our eyes.

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