‘Girl Power’ and how to stay ‘in control’ and Assertive under pressure

This is a wonderful story – a fantastic piece of communication and a glorious put down to boot, which had me giggling and laughing to myself for most of my Saturday morning.

I appreciate I may need to get out more but here it is:

It’s a story about Karen Brady, star of The Apprentice here in the UK. Karen has been busily trailblazing away as one of Britain’s most successful business women for the last 20 years. She has a reputation for an assertive “no nonsense” and “take no prisoners” style to business, which I much admire.

The story is from her previous tenure as Managing Director of Birmingham City Football Club.

And it goes like this!

“Never being one to allow sexist attitudes to cramp her style, when confronted by one of her players who quipped “I can see your tits in that shirt” Brady replied: “When I sell you to Crewe you won’t be able to see them from there”.

Boom! Get in!

And then she duly sold him!

Hurrah! A glorious example of how to stay present, focussed and assertive under pressure. Something that is not, as we all know, always easy to do.

Here is a really nice quote about leadership for you to think about, that I really like:

“Leadership is how you turn up – every single day…”

And what a good day for Karen that must have been!

Plus a reminder for us all, in terms of our personal impact – as we often remind participants on our courses – that we all have to take responsibility for our communication.

Communicating is, after all, all about choices: You are only ever as good as your next interaction.

“It’s not what you say – it’s what people hear”

And in his case, the player was duly relegated (quite literally – see what I did there!) to a place where he could do less damage.

In the back of the net!

Let me know what you think.

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