General Election 2015: The leaders’ TV debate Achilles heels


No-one’s perfect – and all seven of the party leaders in this week’s TV debate are no exception. These are the chinks in their armour.

PartyleadersGetty_4David Cameron: A tense prime minister

After doing his best to avoid the debates altogether, the Prime Minister must work hard to convince viewers he really wants to be there. If it looks like he’s there under duress, it’s all anyone will be talking about.

Embracing the debates means going in with a positive attitude. But this is a problem because his big weakness in Downing Street has been developing a very tense style that is so severe it actually restricts him from smiling.

Cameron is also under pressure to appear more prime ministerial than the others.

It’s going to be a tricky dilemma to resolve: combining being positive with staying above the fray might just prove too much for his inflexible communication approach.

At least he gets the last word.


For the other party leaders, follow this link to the City A.M site:



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