Finding Your Authentic Voice

Here is a top tip on Presentation Skills:

When standing up in front of an audience to present, you should always imagine that there is a line drawn on the floor immediately in front of your feet. And when the time has come to begin – at the precise moment when you decide it is time to begin your Presentation (and as you take a deep oxygenating breath, in order to be able start on a full lung and with a full out-breath at your disposal) you must physically “step across” that line in an overt “move towards your audience”. You do this to to “step into their space” – to “demonstrate that you are confident” – and connect…

So yes: “Find your way to confidently “step across the line” and connect…”

Whilst Coaching this week I was reminded about some “fundamental principles” about Confidence – inspired by a quote that I heard Simon Cowell say – in his inimitably blunt way – as his feedback to a partcipant on “Britain’s Got Talent”:

“Nobody will pay money to watch someone who is unconfident”.

This reminded me about the fundamental principles of what an audience always wants from us whenever we stand up to present:

All they ever want – without exception – is for us to be confident and self assured.

And why?

So that selfishly, they can relax!

I’ve blogged before about the fact that “audiences are a direct mirror to how you yourself are feeling”:

“Relax and they will too – be tense or under-confident and that will negatively manifest in exactly the same way in terms of how you make them feel as well”.

It is a powerful dynamic indeed – and one well worth remembering.

Because human beings – according to the Psychology of Influence – are, as a species, 95% utterly selfish and self-obsessed – we don’t feel that we have the time, frankly, to watch someone nervous and under-confident wibble about and unravel in front of us…

And why is that? Well because that just makes us tense. And we don’t like being tense. We’ve got enough to worry about as it is – in life – without you or me as a crap or under-confident Presenter only making matters worse for us all!

To put it bluntly, audiences – again without exception – would always prefer that anyone standing up in front of them – being anything other than at least proficient in terms of their level of confidence – was simply removed from the stage, to be replaced by somebody just “better”, thank you very much indeed! And we’d like our money back please (to return to the gist of the original quote.)

Just think back to the last time you witnessed “Death by Powerpoint” or the last time you had to sit through “Make a mental note to hang myself during Keynote” and tell me if you felt anything different!

But never fear: At Working Voices we have the answer:

We can help you with your confidence. And you’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to be a screaming extrovert to find your own authentic way of coming across the line to connect.

And the key to everything – to all of this – is authenticity. We can help you find your authentic voice – and help you discover your own way of “coming across the line to connect”.

Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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