Eye Love You – How eye contact helps you to flirt!

With St. Valentine’s day just been and gone, and on the topic of eye contact, I thought I’d write some rules down about how to flirt with your eyes and not look like a werewolf summing up its next victim. If you’re good at this, or if you get good at this, you’ll probably be very effective with eyes elsewhere; in meetings, presenting, or in other social situations.

    1. Don’t stare.  If you want to look like a creep, staring is the way to go.  Why not just lick your lips and pout at the same time too?


    1. If your eyes meet someone you like but you haven’t spoken to, exchange fleeting glances.  If they meet your gaze, don’t maintain eye contact for very long.  This builds up tension, and repeated meeting of the gaze is a good indicator that they like you.


    1. Don’t look at them too often.  You don’t want to be the one always caught looking.  If you can, look at something else but with them in view.  When they look at you ‘catch’ them.  This evens up the balance of power.


    1. After this, push up the ante and smile when you make eye contact.  If they reciprocate, it’s time to talk. Usually the etiquette is for the chap to talk to the chapess.  You may not wish to follow this convention, but that’s often what is expected.


    1. When talking, keep making eye contact, but don’t stare, and don’t be evasive.  Smile when you’re looking at each other, and don’t let your eyes wonder to others, or below the neckline.


    1. Occasionally looking at someone’s mouth can be very sexy, but don’t linger and don’t do it too often, a lot like the playing with hair rule – all is good in moderation.


    1. Have fun, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t worry if it doesn’t work.  You can notch every success and failure under ‘experience earned’.


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