When Expertise Is More Important Than Rhetoric

If we’re to believe Plato, and we really should, we need Logos, Ethos, and Pathos to succinctly create an endearing argument. Essentially that boils down to; is what you’re saying logical, do people trust you and your argument, and are you passionate and engaging as a speaker.

As has been mentioned in other blogs before now, any speaker wants all three of these elements in any presentation or communication they might make; no one wants to listen to someone who has an incredible amount of charisma and trust but isn’t making any logical sense, and few can people can really listen to a logic argument set up in a dry and lifeless manner.

At Working Voices, we can’t teach our clients what is logical and what isn’t – that’s their job, but we can teach them how to organically gain trust and how to effectively communicate their message. We often help people who are experts in their fields and are extremely trusted by their colleagues, but simply can’t get their message across or need some help in expanding their interpersonal skill set.

But what if it’s the other way around, where someone is extremely passionate and proactive in how they communicate but not necessarily as well trusted, or concerned with logical thinking? Well if instead of a someone, we were talking about an organisation, a good example might be Fox News.

Fox News as an organisation is very good at emotionally connecting with its viewers, understanding its target audience, and recognising and reacting  to the beliefs of those who support it. However, no amount of passion can compensate for getting the facts wrongs, or failing to construct an argument logically. In the included video there are five examples of Fox News anchors not knowing their facts or asking illogical questions (see the full Reza Aslan interview here), all of which undermines their credibility.

So make sure you’re not just ready to shout for your corner, but that you’ve got sound reasons shouting too.


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