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Romney surges as Obama fails to show up!

It has been a few days since the first debate and the electoral landscape has changed a great deal. By all accounts Mitt Romney won the debate and President Obama has been pilloried in the press for a lackluster performance that dented his chances of re-election. Working Voices’ Nick Smallman and Henry Caplan watched the … Continued

Do you Listen? Lend an ear to this

It might surprise you how often I find myself saying to clients that Listening is one of the most powerful communication tools they have Listening is a key skill both in your business and personal lives. In any conversation, what do we tend to do most (when we’re not talking that is)? Be honest. Correct. … Continued

Clichès? Avoid them Like the Plague!

This recent blog on that popular business cliché, ‘going forward’ is worth looking at. Here’s the link. Cliches are everywhere. The most popular and successful ones find their way into everyday speech with dismaying ease. I come across them all the time when I’m working with people on our communication skills or our effective business … Continued

A Wonderful World Indeed!

I was talking recently to the smartest man in the Universe, my Grandfather. The tune “What a Wonderful World” came up. It’s his favorite song. For every listener it’s a song about looking at the world as a wonderful place. It got me thinking about optimism. According to Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman (who’s conducted more … Continued

Business Negotiations- To thine own self be true!

Robert Burns wrote “the best laid plans of mice and men” meaning that no matter how carefully a deal or negotiation is planned, something may still go wrong. In the above clip from the hilarious film “Defending your Life” what goes wrong for Albert Brooks is follow through. It’s not enough to set the boundary … Continued

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